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Sunday, 14 July 2024
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Waterjet/Plasma Cutting

Extreme Machining uses state-of-the-art waterjet and plasma cutting technology to offer precise and accurate cutting of metals, plastics, glass, stone, ceramic and composites in nearly any design, size or shape. We are able to work from CAD files (DXF/DWG), PCT files, pattern, dimensional drawings or existing parts to deliver superior results with minimal waste at affordable rates that keep your project costs in check.

Our plasma cutter uses a high-temperature, high-velocity stream of ionized gas to heat materials to a molten condition, allowing for smooth curves and intricate cutting paths. It is ideal for thicker sheets of stainless steel, carbon steel and spring steel. Because no custom tooling is needed, plasma cutting offers significant cost reductions over other methods.

Our waterjet cutter uses a thin, high-pressure stream of water that contains abrasive particles at 94,000 PSI to cut sheet metal without harming or changing the material's intrinsic properties. Because waterjets don't generate heat, they leave good edge quality, without burrs or distortion, eliminating the need for secondary finishing processes.

Whether you're in need of plasma cutting or waterjet cutting project, we will deliver professional and personalized service. Contact us today at (302) 368-7595 for a free consultation.





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